How CatchClicker works

CatchClicker combines following features in one gadget:

  • Two Counters
  • Total number of casts
  • Stopwatch/Timer
  • Catch progress bar
  • Clock
  • IP65 Protection
  • 3600 adjustable mount

Important! To manipulate with it, you need to click after each cast to record the catch result of the previous cast.

Counter 1, Counter 2 and Try:

Use Counter 1 and Counter 2 to count different types of fish or track other results, such as missed baits.

For example, you can count roach on Counter 1 and bream on Counter 2. Alternatively, you may choose to count any fish using Counter 1 and track missed baits on Counter 2. You can also assign Counter 1 to count fish in net 1 and Counter 2 for fish in net 2.

Press the "Try" button to record a failure cast, where there was no indication at all. This is needed to calculate total number of casts.

The LCD screen shows the number of Counter 1, Counter 2, and the total number of casts.



The stopwatch automatically resets when you click any of the Counter 1, Counter 2, or Try buttons. It is recommended to click these buttons after casting and before your bait hits the water, to have maximum control on timing.

If you need to stop stopwatch, press the "Reset" button briefly. To run it from zero, press the “Reset” button once again. This function is very helpful to measure depth of the water.


If you need timer instead stopwatches, press Adjust button briefly. You will see minutes blinking. Press Counter 1 or Counter 2 in order to adjust minutes. Next click once more on Adjust button and adjust seconds the same way. To exit adjust mode of timer click adjust button once more or it will automatically exit after 5 seconds.

Once Timer will go down to zero, you will hear alarm.

To exit timer mode and turn on stopwatches mode, just nullify timer minutes and seconds.

Progress Bar

It is always nice to have the trend of your catching to analyze and progressbar will help you to track your catch results for past 30 tries.

  • Full rectangle - Displays "counter 1"
  • Empty rectangle - DIsplays "counter 2"
  • Dot - displays "Try"

The last cast result is displayed on the bottom right part of this screen.


To keep track of match time, the device displays the current time in front of you. To adjust the time, press the "Adjust" button for 1 seconds – you will hear 2 beeps. Use Counter 1 to decrease the value and Counter 2 to increase it. Remember to adjust the time after replacing the batteries.

Undo Cast Result

If you need to undo a click, use a long press (1sec, you will hear 2 beeps) on the same button to decrease the counter by one. It works for Counter 1, Counter 2 and Try buttons.

Silent Mode – turning off buzzer

To turn ON silent mode, press “Adjust” button for 2 seconds, until you hear 3 beeps. In order to turn OFF silent mode press adjust mode for 2 seconds again.

Battery Saver

When inactive for 2 hours and 30 minutes, catchclicker automatically turns off to preserve battery life, allowing you to enjoy extended usage without worrying about running out of power.


CatchClicker operates on 2x AAA batteries. In off mode, the battery life is between 6-9 months, depending on battery type. To replace the batteries, simply open the lid located on the bottom side of CatchClicker using a screwdriver. Please note that the batteries are not included.

IP65 Protection

CatchClicker is IP65 rated, providing reliable protection against heavy rain during your fishing. In the event that CatchClicker accidentally drops in the water, avoid prolonged submersion. Be careful after changing batteries: ensure that battery lid is properly closed after replacement in order to have maximum IP protection.


If your CatchClicker does not turn on, try replacing the batteries.

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Have a nice Catch!